Fat Hendrick Stories




There are children’s books that are all about education; there are children’s books that are pure fun; and then there are children’s books that become a part of the household, where they are read over and over again because they are so funny and so cool and so unique that every child, as well as their parents, have a ball reading them. This is one of those books.
                                           -Feathered Quill Review

Fat Hendrick debuts his unique multi-award winning children's book brand with Buttermilk.  Represented by the MacGregor Literary Agency, Fat Hendrick partners with Jamil Adler to bring this original story to life.  Enjoy all the hidden clues to reveal the Mysterious Man from Tupelo and catch those mischievous ants on every page.

Meet Fat Hendrick

Farmer Floyd's prize cow Jesse is suddenly giving him wonderful... delicious...savory...butter?  What has happened to Jesse's milk?  Does Farmer Floyd's new mysterious tenant from Tupelo have anything to do with this?